Do you want to know how to SIMPLIFY your trading strategies

One of the biggest frustrations I hear all the time is:
“Jack, where do I start… and what should I be doing ‘exactly’ to bring my trading to the next level?”


And I totally get it. I have been through the exact same confusion and frustration you are going through right now. And one thing I’m sure you’re aware of is ‘confusion’ and frustration’ does not equal progress! In fact it can be devastating to any trader’s development.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You think to yourself, “It seems like I haven’t progressed in months if not years… and, I have no idea how to get out of this rut I’m in”.

Should I learn Elliot Wave, Chart patterns? Lunar charting?

How can I apply these in a ‘real market’ situation?

Will this be a complete waste of my time?

Will I put months of hard work in and get nothing in return?

Should I be using black box strategies?

Maybe this is as good as I’m ever going to get?!

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

I began my trading journey as a newbie aged 42…
And had no idea what I was doing!


  • I came from a regular, middle class background.
  • My parents were not sophisticated in financial investing.
  • I didn’t have any higher level (university) economics education.
  • I wanted a life of FREEDOM.

So even though it would have been easier for me to give up and hope my 9 to 5 drudgery would pay off, I refused – point blank.

I dug in and made a declaration that I would figure this out on my own NO MATTER WHAT!

In fact, looking back it was this journey of trying what seemed like every kind of trading strategy that I finally found the one that actually works!

I was shown the secrets of trading the currency market profitably as an individual by a hedge fund trader with offices in New York, London and Hong Kong.

And, it was this training that gave me my unique approach to developing and teaching this strategy to aspiring traders the world over.

“What’s the one big thing that changed your approach to trading the market?”


It would be my discovery of specific
Price Action Strategies that really work.


So what are these strategies that work so well in the market?

Well… that’s the BIG secret I’m about to let you in on!

To really supercharge your trading like you never have before, you must learn very specific techniques in a super focused way.

This is where my

‘Price Action Trading Strategies Course’

comes in.


‘The Price Action Trading Strategies Course’ is a complete learning pathway made up of 6 modules. In each module I drill down into an essential technique or strategy, showing you how to learn each one specifically and most importantly how to use them in ‘real market situations’.

I created the ‘The Price Action Trading Strategies Course’ for traders who are serious about what works and doesn’t work in the market, but haven’t been quite able to see the simple clarity of how it all works together from the perspective of an advanced trader.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done in this course. You’ll see exactly how studying these specific methodologies and strategies using the techniques I show you will transform your skills as a trader.

That’s my goal for you.

I want you to be able to rip into this course and then immediately start applying what I teach. The course not only includes 17 companion training videos, but I’ve also included literally months of past chart analysis for you to view and learn from.

And I’ve made understanding the material as simple as it can possibly be.

By studying these very specific techniques, the currency market will literally start to unfold which in turn will give you the ability to see the perfect trade setups in any situation.

12 Core Things you’ll learn within this course:


  1. A fast track method of understanding where to enter the market.
  2. How to pick the correct candle patterns for the best entries.
  3. How to analyze your risk and know when a trade has potential.
  4. How to instantly see the areas of the market where the best entries are located.
  5. A secret technique for entering a trade after large moves in the market.
  6. How to include positive psychology into your daily trading routine.
  7. How to use key levels in the market as your ally.
  8. How to use confluence to be sure all systems are ‘GO!’
  9. Exactly how to start analyzing charts like professional traders.
  10. How to expertly manage your capital in the market.
  11. How to know where to exit your profitable trades.
  12. How to trade consolidation breakouts for profit.

And much, much more!

Price Action Trading Course

tradingCourseYour Forex Market Master membership will give you immediate access to the Price Action and Risk Analysis Trading Course. It will become your trading map to exploit your edge in the market.You will learn to master the art of price action trading, applying risk analysis quickly, the reading of naked charts and the application of advanced money management and capital preservation techniques. All of this without any exotic indicators. You will learn to trade the same way hedge fund traders teach their independent, small office (home) based friends to trade.

Forex Market Master Complimentary Price Action Trading Course Videos

analysisA full set of Forex Market Master Price Action Trading Course complimentary videos are accessible on the website in the Members Area. Lots of great information is talked about an easy to understand format.

My strategies are easy to understand, yet teach you a number of ways to approach the forex market. I have been refining these strategies over a number of years for our members to use in gaining and exploiting an edge in the highly competitive forex market.

I will always be available to answer your questions via the Contact page. My goal is to impart all my trading knowledge upon you so you are prepared to trade confidently in the forex market place.

Watch an example of a high probability, high profit trade strategy
we teach in the video below:

“It (the Forex Market Master Price Action Trading Course) is excellent.”
-J. Shannon, Virgina USA.

What You Get When You Join:

Immediate Access to The Forex Market Master Price Action Trading Course PLUS:

  • Comprehensive e-book trading course. Over 110 pages of incredible information!
  • Complete set of Price Action Trading Course videos!
  • How to effectively read and analyze Price Action.
  • How to analyze your risk properly.
  • The Pin Bar reversal pattern and when to use it.
  • The FBO or False Break Out set up.
  • Trading psychology and emotions.
  • Consolidation break outs.
  • The Engulfing Reversal Set Up.
  • Money Management rules for effective risk taking.
  • Using key levels in the market as your ally.
  • Support and resistance techniques.
  • Understanding confluence for trade entries.
  • Mapping out perfect trends.
  • Purchaser only videos and training curriculum.
  • Using Moving Averages effectively.
  • Much, much more!

Who is the ‘Price Action Trading Strategies Course’ for?

This course is for traders that are serious about making big improvements in their trading and are willing to take action now. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader you will learn a great deal by studying the material within this course.

Who is ‘Price Action Trading Strategies Course’ NOT for?

If you are looking for ‘quick riches’ this course is not for you. Simple as that.

So now you’re thinking, how do I get started?


To purchase ‘The Price Action Trading Strategies and Risk Analysis Course’ you will be paying a one time fee of only $49!

You get IMMEDIATE ACCESS upon purchase.

And because you get instant access, you can get started today (no waiting for anything via email… everything is ready for you to consume/download at your own pace).