Market Analysis – 11.27.2013

By November 27, 2013Analysis

Chart of the Day: USD/CHF D1 Chart

The USD/CHF or swissy as it’s affectionately known, has shown us a pin bar at swing point and 50% retrace support levels. This is a set up that has a bit more risk involved with the 8ema crossing over the 21ema just above. If it does move into a long play, I would look for it to test the 0/61.8% retrace levels.


Gold D1 Chart:

The gold chart shows us a pin bar for a short play off the intersection of swing point resistance (red line) and 8ema. There’s a possibility of a substantial drop if this gets moving.



In The News:

Dollar Reaches Six Month High As Improving Economy Boosts Allure (Bloomberg)

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