Price Action Trading – Forex Confluence Strategy

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How to trade the forex market successfully using price action and confluence. We look at what price action means and why you should wait for three confluent factors to come…

False Break Out Price Action Trading Strategy Review

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How to trade the False Break Out price action forex strategy is explained in this video. It’s an excellent example of how profitable this entry can be when used on…

Forex Pin Bar Trade Review – AUD/JPY

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This is a recent video I recorded explaining how price action and top down analysis of the charts gave an excellent entry for a highly profitable trade opportunity.  

Forex Trading Strategy – Pin Bar Setup $4,000 Profit

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This is a trade I recently completed using the Forex Market Master Pin Bar price action entry strategy. You can learn to spot and trade entries like this using the…

The Power of Pin Bars

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This is a really great video on just how powerful a signal trading pin bars on the daily chart can be. I lay it all out in the video. Just…

Drawing Support & Resistance on Forex Charts

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Drawing Support & Resistance on forex price charts is a crucial step for a trader of Price Action. Getting this aspect of technical analysis mastered lets the trader make decisions…

Trading the False Break Out (FBO) Pattern

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The False Break Out, or FBO, is a consistently profitable patten when used with a confluence of two other factors. I’ll be posting more on this pattern in the coming…

Introduction To The Engulfing Reversal Pattern

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The engulfing reversal pattern, or ER as I call it, is a particularly good indication of a change in market sentiment. The downside of this pattern is that it appears…